Piero Is Waiting For You!

When= Sunday 2nd October 2016 time 14.30amorarte_san_giovanni_evangelista_piero_della_francesca_sandro_farinelli

Where = Piazza San Francesco Arezzo

Info = +39 348007776

My Dearest Friends!

Let’s get to pay a visit to our dearest Friend Piero della Francesca standing in front his biggest work still visible on the whole Planet Earth! It’s the great Legend of the True Cross! This paintings have a lot to teach us!

I’m saying this with complete awarness since I am studying them thoroughly finding quite a lot of very interesting thing! Already boiling them down into a  publication: I’m sure it will help us to better understand this incredible piece of history we have the privilege to deal with!

So you’re all invited!

This Sunday 2nd October FREE ENTRANCE! For what concerns the Guided Visit Investment just Call Me +39 3480077786 I’ll gladly answer all your questions!